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Silicon Valley Korean American Federation

Integrating all Generations to Empower Korean American Community

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"Silicon Valley Korean American Federation is a non-profit organization founded to support the well-being and interests of Korean-Americans residing in the Santa Clara area of California. Our mission is to foster camaraderie, advance rights and welfare, and contribute to the pursuit of the collective benefit of Korean-Americans through engagement in diverse activities encompassing social, economic, educational, and cultural spheres within the United States."

Our Mission

SVKAF's Vision is to Empower Korean American Community
by Integrating all Generations in Silicon Valley Area and Beyond.

Our Vision

The 21st Silicon Valley Korean American Federation (SVKAF) Body pay careful attention to and follow the voices of the Korean-American community.

We, the 21st SVKAF staff, create a place where there is harmony, respect, and compassion, where the good vibes of Korean traditions and customs come alive, a place there is always a high spirit of service and a warm welcome to everyone.


Our priorities

First, attract the next generation of Korean-Americans into the Korean community.


Second, actively participate in building strong ties with other ethnic and mainstream communities.


Third, transparently open up the financial system.

Fourth, rehaul and recognize departments to improve their efficiency.


Connect With SVKAF

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